Monday, November 18, 2013


Today I did some laundry. You see, Brian was running low on pants for work and I thought I would be a good wife and help him to be appropriately dressed. After realizing that I've been wasting my quarters for the past month because I wasn't pressing the "on" button on the dryer I finally finished my load and out came warm, fresh laundry.

That's how I've been feeling. Warm and fresh.

You see, dear blogging world, since we last conversed (and we will not talk about how long that has been!) a lot of changes have occurred. The biggest one: I am married. Brian and I will have been together one month tomorrow! Pictures will come soon, I do promise that. It's been amazing. It's an incredible change in my heart and life and I can't believe how blessed I am to call him my husband.

There have been some other changes too. I worked at a tea store during the summer and up until last week. During my time there I realized that God has some other plans in store for us and after much prayer I left the store. I am now a housewife. Yes. And I don't have kids. I'm sure many women out there are thinking that I'm not living up to my potential and am wasting my degree… yadda yadda yadda.

Wait one second.

I have plans. I do work every day. And I am SO HAPPY. Over the next few months I'm hoping to apply and start Grad School online to be a K-12 Librarian, I am going to help my parents with elements of their eBay business, I'm going to read, cook… and breathe. This lifestyle is truly perfect for me and where I am right now. I am blessed that this is an option for me.

And I'm so excited to share it with you.

So, hey there world! I'm back.


Monday, April 1, 2013

April 2013 Goals

Well hello little corner of the Internet! It sure has been a while. :) But I'm hoping for that to change quite soon! In fact, I'm going to make it one of my goals for April. Here's the list:

  • Blog once a week.
  • Book priority vendors for the wedding. (Yes, I'm getting married this October!!)
  • Learn two new recipes.
  • Finish one book for fun.
  • Keep up with She Reads Truth "Prayers in the Bible" plan.

I think that's a great list, don't you? Manageable, but still a challenge. While I plan the wedding I really want to make sure that I don't lose focus on myself (which sounds silly, because planning a wedding sounds like all you do is focus on yourself)... I know that making sure I take time to rest (reading), do something I love (cooking), and spending time with Jesus will keep me sane. ;)

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I've learned a lot about processing this semester...

The process of writing.

The process of photography.

The process of healing.

The process of living.

The process of waiting.

There is a time for everything, and apparently right now is the time to process. My blog was obviously on a long hiatus. For those who were wondering, yes, I made it back from Europe! I've been astoundingly busy with my first semester of my Senior year in college. It's coming to a close and I'm in denial of that fact. (A 10-page paper, photography project, and 25-page thesis will do that to you.) It's been a semester of extreme highs and low lows. Loving long-distance isn't easy. Loving my three beautiful roommates truly is. My relationship with my Savior has also been on a roller coaster ride. I love Him, but because I'm so imperfect I've been running from His calls, determined that my ideas are better than His.

Sigh. New mercies are beautiful, aren't they?

I want this blog to show the real me. I want to form relationships with my readers. Above all, I want to glorify Him. If that is telling you my many failings day by day than so be it. Amazing Grace has washed me clean. When God looks at me (and you) He sees beauty - the blood of the Lamb.

Praise God for that! :)

Be so blessed. Hope to talk to you all soon,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Paris in Pictures Part Un

Pictures are worth a thousand words, n'est-ce pas?

Stay tuned for part deux!

Be blessed! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

On the Confusion of Cricket and My Blogging Hiatus

(Dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant recently)

Hi everybody! Sorry I've been on blogging hiatus. Believe me, this was not planned. I've been very sick the past few days. Don't worry, it's just a nasty cold & cough, nothing too scary. I've missed out on a lot of awesome London experiences, though. :(

But there are still over four weeks left in this amazing city! 

Beside resting and nursing myself back to health, I've done a wee bit of touring. 

Sunday we went to Lord's Cricket Grounds for the most confusing athletic event I've ever attended. I have no idea what happened. 

Even after the rules were explained to me I had no clue what the score was. But, here are some pictures!

We were rooting for the Panthers... This was solely based on the fact that we were given flags when we walked in. :) 

Posts should be more regular now that I'm feeling better! Thank you for your prayers!

I'm heading to Paris tomorrow for the weekend. So casual. Just hopping a train. Because that's my fabulous jet-setting life. Or, train-setting, I suppose. ;)


Saturday, June 16, 2012

The East End is Similar to Sweeney Todd

(Street art in the East End)

Wednesday night I went on an "Alternative London" tour with some of the students in my program. We went through the East End which is basically the edgy, creative, and somewhat sketchy part of London. :)

The street art was really awesome. However, you certainly won't find me wandering that area alone any time soon.

Our tour guide started the touring company so that people would see the "other" side of London. He knew just about everything about street art. 

I like this one because it looks like he is poking the creature in the eye. :)

Isn't this incredible?! It was done by a couple that uses cardboard stencils and spray paint. 

This was apparently a "small" image for this street artist... it took up the whole side of the building!

Gary, the tour guide.

God bless, everybody!

Male Models Walk Funny

Hi all! I know it's been quite a few days... unfortunately I've been having too much fun to write. But I'm here again! Get ready to be caught up on my fabulous adventures in London. 

The class I'm taking for the first three weeks of my journey is called Fashion and Media. I'm having loads of fun in it and my professor has even written two books about famous figures in the fashion industry. So this is the real deal.

Tuesday, he took us to London's Graduate Fashion Week. All of the graduating students from the various art/design schools around England showcased their designs. 

The attention to detail was phenomenal. Growing up I was always interested in the fashion industry. Looking at these designs, I've realized I'm not quite as big of a "risk taker" as these men and women are. I guess it's a good thing I'm an English major now. :)

After walking through the exhibition, we discovered that to see the catwalk show was only a small fee, so of course we handed over our 7 pounds and got our sub-par seats! 

(One of my favorite sets)

(One of the best pictures I got of the runway)

(Another favorite of the day)

These are only a few of the pictures I took. (Over 150, actually.)

My friends and I decided that male models walk very funny. Unfortunately I don't have a good picture to prove my point, but... it's just not natural.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Watching a runway show has always been on my bucket list, and now I can cross it off! I knew going to London would be somewhat beneficial. ;)

God bless! Talk to you soon,